What do you do when your plane has just landed and you're in a hurry to get off? Most would shuffle along in the line while muttering complaints to the flight attendants or shove their way through like normal people, but this modern genius decided to take action.

After China Eastern flight MU2331 made a perfectly safe landing at Sanya Fenghaung International Airport in Hainan on Dec. 8, a particularly antsy passenger with more important things to do than wait in line opened an emergency exit and deployed the inflatable slide. Once he had successfully made it back to solid ground, airline officials jealous of his great accomplishment detained him for questioning.

Despite the man's clever cover story that he hadn't paid attention to the pre-flight safety demonstration and wasn't aware that the exit was for emergencies only, officials refused to cut him any slack and even had the gall to blame him for the two hour delay of the plane's next departure.

Bold actions can sometimes have negative consequences, and our hero could end up being charged for the $16,000 repairs to the exit and slide.

This incident came just days after a couple aboard another Chinese flight, upset that they hadn't been seated together, threw boiling water at flight attendant and threatened to blow up the plane.

When will these airlines learn?