One of the highest-paid actresses in the world may soon face a lawsuit from a man who says she's ruining his life by staring at him through the television.

Zhao Wei, a former kindergarten teacher who's now China's most bankable actress, plays an intense mother who pushes her young daughter too hard to be successful in the popular Chinese drama 'Tiger Mom'. A viewer is suing Wei because, he claims, her intensity spills out of the screen and into his living room, and her stare has caused him "spiritual damage".

The case is one of a flood of frivolous court claims that been filed in China since rules concerning rejecting lawsuits were changed back in May. The changes have brought China's legal system one step closer to resembling our own, in that anyone can sue just about anybody for anything. However, officials have not said whether or not the case has been accepted.

Check out a trailer for 'Tiger Mom' below, but be warned! Zhao Wei can see into your soul!