33-year-old Juan Alacan of San Antonio was arrested in Killeen Tuesday after breaking into a home and threatening a woman with knives.

Police have charged Alacan with burglary of a habitation with bodily injury after he allegedly entered a home in the 3200 block of Viewcrest through a window after banging on the door and making threats. A woman who was in the home says Alacan then pushed and slapped her as he searched for a man. She said Alacan grabbed two knives from the kitchen and threatened to kill her if she attempted to go outside.

Police received a call about the break-in around 6 p.m. When an officer arrived, he saw Alacan run into the home. The woman reportedly yelled to the officer that Alacan was going to kill someone. The officer detained and arrested Alacan, who is now in the Bell County Jail. He was arraigned Thursday with bond set at $100,000.