Since January 1, the number of Texans who possess a license to carry has dramatically increased according to a new map generated by that shows which ZIP codes in the Lone Star State have the most CHL holders.

Three ZIP codes within immediate proximity surpassed 2,000 open carry licenses with two in Killeen and one in Belton. Almost 40 ZIP codes in Texas have at least 2,500 concealed handgun licenses - the new law allows owners of those licenses to openly carry.

  • ZIP code 76542 cracks the top 25 with 2,823 license holders.
  • ZIP code 76549 yields 2,544 license holders.
  • ZIP code 76513 has 2,143 license holders.

You can check out how many license holders are in your area by using this tool.

There are a total of 937,419 active CHL holders in Texas, which is about 3.6 percent of the state's population with 299 ZIP codes being home to at least 1,000 individuals licensed to carry.