News 10 is reporting that schools in Marlin were closed on Wednesday after a water main broke and left the school and other parts of the city without water.

“It’s hard not having water, we weren’t even told about this," said longtime Marlin resident Ofelia Martinez Jimenez.

Residents were asked to boil their water until Friday.

The initial leak was fixed quickly, however, another leak sprung up on the same pipe on Park Street near Kennedy Street.

“All I do know, this morning I got up and there was no water," Marlin resident Randall Blann said Wednesday.

The pipe that leaked is one of the cities 12-inch lines.

"We may not have the strongest pressure because we are still filling the tanks and our pressure is based off of the amount of water that's in our tank, and so it should be just a few more hours before we're at full capacity," Mayor John Keefer said Wednesday evening

This water leak had many residents thinking back to Thanksgiving Day of 2015 where a water plant issued caused residents to be without water for a week. There was also a two-month long water boil requirement.

"What happened in 2015 was a water plant issue, it was not a water line issue, we have water line breakage every week, this just happened to be one of the main ones that comes through the city," said Keefer

Marlin schools will be open as usual on Thursday.

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