It's beginning to be quite obvious that there's nothing one of UT's most famous "Texas Exes" won't do for his alma mater and those in the Longhorn community. As far as we're concerned that's "alright alright alright!"

This past week, word has gotten out that the star of Dazed and Confused and True Detective volunteered with the on-campus program SURE Walk, which is run by the University of Texas Student Government. It's purpose is to provide UT students with a safe passage home after a night of fun and to prevent sexual assault. Students who don't want to walk home alone are given a male and female companion for a safe journey on foot back to their residence. This famous actor and Oscar winner decided to give back by volunteering.

It appears Matthew Mac is taking a page out of the Bill Murray school of living. Three words: just show up. Where the coverage of the two actors' extra-curricular activities departs is the generally charitable nature of Matthew's "cameos." Then again, Murray is single and his appearances at bars and wedding receptions unannounced is legendary. McConaughey has young children and is married to his longtime lady and seems to have left his bongo-playing partying days behind.

Kudos to all who make the world nicer and more fun.

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