My parents own property in East Texas, a few acres that they have lovingly named, Forever Farm. In March, one of their cows died while giving birth to this little guy, Red Wing.

In addition to Red Wing, they have  two other young female calves and another bull. The other calves' mothers all survived, but since Red Wing's mother didn't my mom has become his mom. Twice a day she would mix a gallon of milk in two large bottles and feed him.

Just 24 hours after he was born, she let me  help feed him. He was still so young that he was having a difficult time taking the bottle.

The first two calves born, were easy deliveries. My mom had left the farm and gone to town to run errands, and when she returned she found a baby calf had been born.

Calf #1 who is a solid black little girl was born on February 27th.

Calf #2 a brown and black baby girl, was born just one day before Red Wing. She arrived on March 12th.

The other calves are not as friendly and stick to their mamas, but since I've been around Red Wing since he was born, he has become very affectionate with me. He butts his head against my legs and sometimes he gives me kisses.

Mandee Montana, Townsquare Media