News 10 is reporting that a routine traffic stop led to a meth bust on I-35 on Tuesday evening in Central Texas.

According to McLennan County Sheriff’s deputies, Riccardo Carrillo, 45, was pulled over for driving to close to the car in front of him. He was on his way to Fort Worth from Loredo when Deputy Clinton Fletcher pulled him over near exit 333B.

Deputy Fletcher noticed what appeared to be methamphetamine in the cup holder.

The car was then searched by Bullet, the police drug-sniffing dog. Bullet immediately alerted to the fact that there were more drugs hidden on the vehicle.

Police then searched the 1997 Lincoln Continental when K-9 handler Joseph Jones found a bag wrapped in black duct-tape.

The bag contained 20.5 grams of meth inside.

Carrillo was charged with a second-degree felony for possession of a controlled substance over 4 grams and under 200 grams.

Sheriff Parnell McNamara said that deputies have been increasing their highway searches in the recent weeks.

“We’ve been working the highway more, and it’s paying off,” said McNamara.

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