Texas holidays are just different aren't they? Light displays are more grand, Texans are nicer to each other, and even the gifts given to others seem more grandiose don't they?

But one thing many spend time on is something that we all see and place the presents under: the Christmas tree! Yes, the one item we all run to Christmas morning to see what Santa brought for us, if we made the nice list of course. We all spend time on decorating this important part of the holiday.

Some of us put up a simple lighted tree, some of decorate a little bit, and then there are the individuals who go all out. You know who we're talking about. The folks whose Christmas spirit is so long it just lifts everybody up it feels like.

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While we always appreciate those Christmas champions, in Texas, those champions have a little bit of extra flair to them, and this next person is no exception.

One Tree In Midland, Texas Has What-A-Style

Vivian Torres, who resides in Midland, Texas, certainly has earned the title given in the following video:

Yes indeed, that is one orange Christmas tree. But we can all agree, it's the best kind of orange: Whataburger orange. I mean look at that tree's design!

On top of that, they all have matching Whataburger sweaters! Say what you want, that's pretty dang cute all around isn't it?

Though I do have one suggestion, she could've absolutely snuck on a few ornaments for Dr. Pepper or Big Red. I mean, what's a Whataburger meal without one of those?

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