Here we are at episode 2,375 of "What’s Wrong With People?.

Two people contracted by the United States Postal Service have been charged with stealing mail, and to make matters worse, it's reportedly one of the largest seizures of stolen mail in Texas history.

According to CBS DFW, Joy Roy Rivas III and Lynn Solomon went through mail looking for cash, gift cards, checks, and money orders.



They allegedly stole a $25,000 check to a Telecom co-op, a $15,000 check to a consulting group, and a check for over $241,000 to a facilities management services company.

The first question I have is, while I don't condone what these two did, if these are checks from businesses containing large sums of money, why don’t they wire the funds? it is 2021, right?

Solomon and Rivas both worked in Lubbock at a company that contracts with the US Postal Service. Cargo Force, the company they worked for, is responsible for loading mail and out of air containers for flights to and from Lubbock.

The investigation found more than 8,000 pieces of mail worth $4 million were stolen. If Rivas III and Solomon are convicted, they both face up to 45 years in prison.

In my opinion, it’s good that authorities found out what they were doing before we got into the holiday season. I mean, imagine how they would’ve cashed in with all the presents, gift cards, and Christmas cards stuffed with checks and cash going through the system.

Again, I ask for the 2,375th time: what is wrong with people?


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