Take a minute and see if you can think of anything more exciting for the whole family to enjoy than when No Limits Monster Trucks comes to the Cadence Bank Center in Belton, Texas for the weekend of January 12th and 13th, I will gladly wait. The reason there is no greater family event than attending monster trucks is your kids can jump up and down and be as loud as they want because that is exactly what everyone else is doing.

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There will be three monster truck shows for the family to enjoy beginning with the 7 PM event on Friday night January 12th, 2024. On Saturday the 13th, you can check out the 1 PM matinee, or go prime time once again at 7 PM.

What can you expect when attending monster truck shows in Belton, Texas?

No Limits Monster Trucks/Canva
No Limits Monster Trucks/Canva

If I know one thing from growing up next door to a classmate and neighbor who was obsessed with monster trucks, there is not a child on the planet that is not highly entertained by the noise, size, and destruction those machines produce. I did not grow up obsessed with them, but you can count me among their biggest fans as it is one of our family's favorite activities.

You can purchase your tickets here, and be sure to listen at 5:20 in the afternoon to Tommy Paradise as he hooks you up with four packs to Saturday's shows. You can also win by listening at 6:45 to win with the Morning Reveille.

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