Our news partners at KWTX are reporting a 16-year-old Moody High School Student was detained on felony charges that include assault on a public servant, harassment, and obstruction after allegedly urinating in a teacher's YETI tumbler.

Moody Police Chief Roger Kennedy told KWTX, "The teacher asked one student who was going to the bathroom, to take her water cup and refill it at the fountain in the hallway. The student in question then also left the classroom and was handed the cup while the other student used the restroom."

Kennedy explained when the cup was returned to the teacher she was asked by the student, "how far she would go and what she would drink if she was out somewhere trying to survive." KWTX says the teacher took a few sips and said the water tasted funny.

Police tested the cup, but too much time had passed for the results to show anything. Also important is that nobody saw anyone putting anything in the cup. On the other hand, interviews with students and footage from surveillance video at the school apparently show something. After reviewing these materials, the school's principle disciplined the student and contacted the authorities.

While these events happened on April 13th, the student was detained on Monday, April 24th.

Random individuals on social media claim this story to be fake. KWTX rightly points out that the school has not dropped the charges because they believe they have evidence that a crime was committed. We're awaiting more details.

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