The board at Moody ISD has armed staff members and approved the use of force to protect their students.

The photo above was shared on social media and explains that some staff members are armed and will use whatever force necessary to protect its students. Let's check out some of the reaction online:

KCENTV reports that just last week over a dozen teachers and coaches gathered at a Moody ISD School for a license to carry class that was held by BIG IRON Handgun License Training. Over the summer, Moody ISD approved the following policy, "the board may, from time to time, authorize specific district employees to possess certain firearms at board meetings and at school-sponsored or school-related events on school property, to the extent allowed by law."

Since then, Moody ISD has hand selected which staff members would go through training courses on how to deal with an intruder with a deadly weapon. Moody ISD Superintendent Gary Martel said staff members who carry would not be identified for safety reason.

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