As if the expansion of I-35 hasn't already been what could be considered an enormous inconvenience, at best, and a complete and utter catastrophe at worst.  With each closure the growing pains worsen.  Wednesday, July 30th is going to be quite painful.

To be completely honest, I rarely use the bridge that will be closing tomorrow despite it being located less than a mile from the radio station.  The real horror with this closure it what it foretells of the future of this intersection.  I'm convinced this oft-used route was designed under the influence of mind-altering drugs of some sort.

I remember the first time I drove this route in 2001.  My mind was blown.  How was this the best possible design for a simple highway intersection?  I've seen people turn the wrong way.  I've seen people run one light while thinking it's their light.  I've seen people completely miss seeing the 2nd light and run right through it.  Let's just say my cheeks get a little clinched every time I have to drive through the intersection.

The bad news is that this intersection isn't closing for good tomorrow.  The alternate "bridge to nowhere" was just an extension of the confusion.  Good riddance.  Now we can ask when the other mind-blowing concepts used at this intersection will be terminated permanently.

The growing pains have been painful through the city, but now we're getting down to the nitty-gritty and get a big-boy intersection built.

For those that drive this route regularly, here's what it's going to look like moving forward.


Courtesy TX DOT