If I were to show up unannounced at someone's birthday party that I didn't know I'd probably be shown the door, even if I turned out to be the life of the party.  That's not the case with Bill Murray.

Billy Murray has turned the idea of Wedding Crashers into real life, and thanks to cameras on every phone and social media to distribute the video, we all get a peek into the crazy life of Billy Murray.

Bill Murray may not be doing another Ghostbusters flick, but at least he's got a party-hosting business is he ever needs a gig.  He's notorious for showing up to crash a karaoke party, a bachelor party, and even an engagement photo shoot.  He even went on a nationwide tour that consisted of nothing but crashing parties and sleeping on strangers' couches.  Seems like he's turning up everywhere EXCEPT a new Ghostbusters flick.

His latest party to crash came at the 64th birthday of Marvin Reynolds.  Reynolds was lucky enough to have Murray, who lives in Charleston when he's not crashing parties globally, as an uninvited attendee, and thanks to social media, we have video proof.  By the looks of things I'll bet everyone there was glad to get the video proof as well.  It's no guarantee that the whole night wouldn't be forgotten in that land of "Did that actually happen last night?" post-party foggy heads.