Over the past few weeks, we've snooped around the most expensive houses for sale in Temple and Belton. Both were palatial estates priced at just under a million bucks, and they're exactly what you'd expect to get if you're going to cut a check that huge.

My nosy self had to do more snooping, this time in Harker Heights. The most expensive house listed on Zillow wasn't quite as flashy as those in Temple and Belton, but it's pretty close to what I'm looking for anyway - a cozy place in the country(ish).

For $525,000, you get 18-acres atop a hill overlooking Harker Heights, a 12x48 covered patio, a 12x23 gazebo, a barn, a pole barn, and even a heated and cooled 2-car garage.

Let's take a look around this 3-bedroom country home, and hey, if you're in the market, talk to Stephen Morton over at Visa Real Estate. He'll set up an IRL tour for ya.

Let's Look Inside the Most Expensive House for Sale in Harker Heights

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