Here in Texas, we all wear cowboy boots and hats, eat beans cooked by a campfire every night, and worry about feeding the hogs almost every waking moment.

Well, that's not exactly true. More of a misconception that some non-Texans may believe. Another common stereotype that is projected on folks from the Lone Star State is that we all drive pickup trucks. While it's not 100% true, it isn't as far from the truth as the beans thing.

According to CultureMapHouston and data from iSeeCars the most popular new vehicle in all of Texas is the Ford F-150 truck.

The F-150 is the top vehicle in the big cities, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San Antonio, but not in Austin. When I heard that, I figured the Capital city's top car would be a Prius or something, but nope, it's another pickup. The Chevy Silverado.

Wait, is it truck month?? Is every month truck month?



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