Real Estate Blog wanted to find out which city in America was the most sinful.  I know what your thinking...It's Vegas baby!  Nope, on this list of "sinful" cities, Las Vegas comes in Tenth.  What!?  I know!  You might be surprised which city came in first.

First, the criteria.  For the study they used statistics that corresponded with the 7 deadly sins.  For Lust, they figured how many strip joints per capita.  When it came to Pride, they went with how many cosmetic surgeons per capita.  Wrath was tallied by violent crime rates.  Envey was theft rates.  Greed was figured by the percentage of income donated to charity.  Gluttony was tallied by obesity rates, and good old Sloth by physical inactivity rates.  A few cities that got honorable mentions include Cincinnati, which is fitting since sin is in the name twice.  Also, Miami, Buffalo, and Detroit, but your top 5 are as follows.


It's Milwaukee.  Yes, the one in Wisconsin.  See how it ends in "sin".  I blame Laverne & Shirley.


Pittsburgh PA.  This might explain why Ben Roethlisberger plays so well there.


Minneapolis MN.  I find this hard to believe, but I guess the winters do get a bit harsh.  Plus,  it's really close to the WisconSIN border.


Orlando Florida.  Yes Disney is all about the sin.  I blame the kids.  Nothing a good beatin' wouldn't fix.  Tinkerbell, get on that.

And the Number One biggest city of sin in America...

St. Louis Missouri!  Yes people, the gateway to the west is really the gateway to Damnation.  Yet another reason never to go, because what happens under the Arch, will destroy your soul.  No really, it's a great place, you should visit. ;)