I'm tired of seeing articles about whether Austin or San Antonio has the best breakfast tacos. We get it. Y'all have so many restaurants, it'd be hard not to find a place that doesn't make a great taco. But going to the biggest cities in Texas isn't the only way to find breakfast bliss inside a flour tortilla.

There are some amazing spots to get your breakfast taco fix right here in Belton and Temple. Many of these places I frequent often. Some are based on my peers and Yelp reviews. But here are my favorite places to get breakfast tacos in the greater Temple area. You don't have to drive to Round Rock or Austin to get Torchy's  breakfast tacos (although I can't find a better place for a brisket taco).

The moral of the story often is: don't judge a book by its cover. The best Mexican food is often found in authentic, hole-in-the-wall 'mom and pop' taquerias.

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    La Perla Bakery & Taqueria

    604 Waco Rd, Belton, TX

    Maybe it's because it's the first place I tried a breakfast taco. Maybe it's because I like unassuming-looking hole-in-the-walls. But really, it's because the chorizo and egg tacos are to die for, they make their tortilla chips in house and I can get six tacos for under $5. Yeah. That's it.

    Did I also mention it has 4 1/2 stars on Yelp - the highest rating for breakfast tacos I could find in our region.

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    El Taco Jalisco Mexican

    1602 S 31st St., Temple, TX

    This one was based on Yelp and staff in our studios as I haven't personally been there yet. They're known for the fresh tortillas they blanket their tacos in. Also deemed very affordable and a nice size.

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    El Dorado Restaurant

    715 S. 1st St., Temple, TX

    Another high ranking Yelp-reviewed spot that has people raving about their breakfast - especially people form out of town, making note to come back the next time they visit Temple. Don't ever judge a book by its cover as this place is considered a true Mexican restaurant.

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    Tres Magueyes

    518 N. 3rd St., Temple, TX

    This was a suggestion made strongly by one of our new writers. Since we are located in Temple, we often see the occasional Tres Magueyes fare. He rants and raves specifically about their breakfast tacos. Rumor has it the breakfast burritos are a pretty great as well.

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    2210 N. Main St., Belton, TX

    My favorite quote on Yelp about breakfast tacos is for Salgados:

    The happiness that a good breakfast taco can give me is quite astonishing. - Elle S. from Houston

    Salgados in Belton is another breakfast hot spot known for its tacos and burritos. And if you like perfectly ripe avocados with your tacos, you've come to the right place.

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    Taqueria Mexico Restaurant

    1103 E. Rancier Ave, Killeen, TX

    Aside from the fact that this was overwhelmingly the popular choice in our offices, this is the only spot on the list with only 5-star breakfast ratings. So, it's gotta be good! It may not be the tacos that sit in the trophy case here. The breakfast burrito is universally known as a 'must-try' item here.

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    Sylvia's Tacos (Truck)

    841 N. Main St., Salado, TX

    Being from the West Coast, I had to add at least one food truck into a list of best places to eat. Think about it: they're overhead is minimal (no restaurant building to pay for/less staff), so more energy is put into the food. This spot is next on my to-eat list with a solid 5-star rating, albeit with few reviews so far.

    Sylvia's Tacos
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    All Over Texas

    Y'all might scoff at the notion of eating breakfast tacos from Buc-ee's but if you haven't tried them, you're missing out. I was on my way to work one day and desperate to eat something really quick. OK, fine I'll stop at Buc-ee's. You won't have to pull my arm to grab their breakfast tacos, which as you can see, sometimes have hash browns in them!