We are about a week removed from the 52nd CMA Awards. For the most part, I didn't mind who was nominated or who won, but I always like to think of what and who it would be if I was in charge.

Last week I gave y'all my album of the year picks. Not a single one was actually nominated. On that list, you'll find Reba McEntire's  'Stronger Than The Truth'. I could write a book on why that album is about as close to the perfect country record as you can get.

The queen of country music announced this morning on her Instagram that 'Stronger Than The Truth' is nominated for a Grammy!

Anyway, there are two songs that stand out.

'Cactus In A Coffee Can' is an absolute Reba single. It's gritty, heartbreaking, and beautiful. The first couple lines from the ever-changing chorus are almost shocking and I'm convinced there are few other artists who could pull off this story in such an elegant way.

A reminder that this song follows her gospel album. Reba can do it all.

But the song that takes the cake for me is 'The Clown'. A hauntingly beautiful ballad that does the two things that can make music so powerful. The listener not only relates and feels the pain of the singer, but travels to the scene.

There you go I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do and if you haven't listened to the entire album you do so. This whole blog is kinda like when folks post songs to their Instagram story, no one really cares for the most part, but you do it anyway, I'm guilty of it.

If I turned just one person on to this wonderful music, I've done my job. I love my job.



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