Since we're asking our listeners to tell us about their worst Valentine's Day ever, we at US 105 thought it would only be fair to do the same. Up first, Rowdy shares his 

I went to High School in Stephenville, which happens to be the dairy capital of Texas F.Y.I., and didn't really manage to come out of my shell till I was almost graduated.  I was somewhat shy and not very well spoken.  One gift that I did manage to have though was the ability to write.  This ability is what brought me to my worst valentine's day ever!  

It all started when my eyes fell on the beautiful face of a woman, (for privacy sake I'll call her "Martha"), for the first time.  She was everything that I could have ever wanted in a girl when I was the ripe old age of 16, she had a pulse, she smiled, and she was in two of my classes so I had the opportunity to stare at her quite often.

I in no way had the courage to go up to her and actually talk to her, so I spent a few weeks eyeballing her from the other side of the class room.  Once I was completely convinced of my complete and total love for her, I began to devise a plan to make her mine.  I carefully began crafting a letter to her that I knew would win her over.  I knew she would read the words scrawled on this piece of notebook paper that I allowed my heart to open up and pour out on and surely drop what she was doing, stand up and run into my arms and we would live happily ever after.

After I had written and re-written the letter so many times that I was responsible for the death of a large portion of the Amazon Rain Forest, I carefully folded it into the universal shape of a note in High School, the fold and tuck, and stuffed it in my pocket to be delivered into her locker in my ninja-like fashion.  Waiting for her to finish up at her locker, as soon as she closed it I sprang into action.  I rushed over and quickly mashed it through the vent at the top of her locker.

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The next hour was the longest in my life as I waited for the bell to signify the end of my class so I could go an take my vantage point across the class room from Martha in History and wait for her to rush into my arms and spend the rest of her life with me.  When she came in and did no such thing, my only thought was that she had not gone to her locker.  After the end of the following day and still no arm-rushing and life-spending, I began to think that I had been denied.  My heart was crushed and I was inconsolable...

At football practice that day I found out that I had not been dissed and dismissed... I had in fact put the note into a fellow football player’s locker.  He did not rush into my arms, thankfully, but he did pick on me and show the letter to everyone on the team.


It was not a good Valentine’s Day... Not at all...

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