Valentines Day, love it or hate it, you can’t avoid it.  If you’re in a relationship you have to participate.  For all you haters out there, embrace it.  It’s a perfect opportunity to make it your own. That's why we've come up with a list of the most unique Valentine's Day gifts available right now.

Valentine's Day is also a perfect way to show the one you love that you “get” them, because, lets be honest  balloons, candy, or flowers are what you send when you're just plain lazy.  This is a National Fake Holiday for goodness sakes.

So why not make it your own?

If your loved one likes the macabre, then send them something macabre.  If you’re dating somebody that likes candy, flowers, or balloons, why not add your own personality into the gift?  That will make it a good litmus test for your relationship.  See if your loved one knows you as well as you know them.

I’ve put together a list of ideas that range from the “ahh, how sweet” to the “AAHHH! That’s wicked weird!”  You might not see anything you like, but hopefully it will spark something original in your mind that will help make this “fake” day unique. Gift site Etsy has a wide assortment of romantic, fun, unique and downright weird gifts to bestow on your sweetie this year.

Of course you can’t mention Valentines Day without thinking lace. To give it a bit of a twist, buy “granny” panties and put a note on it saying that you’re looking forward to growing old together.

Check this out and see if it sparks any thoughts.

You the type that likes to eat her chocolates?  Then go for the chocolate route again this year but replace it with these “eyes”.  This has the look of a traditional gift, but is very unique.

Tell her “I only have eyes for you."


If you have relationship where you share a “unique” sense of humor, or you’re ready to jettison the partnership, try spelling it out. Because what better way to say "I love you," than spelling it out in fake dog poo.


I find this one just simply weird.  I have no idea who this would be good for. If you are in a relationship with someone and they give you this for Valentine's Day, run.
I feel I need to end this on a more "normal" note.  So lets come back to reality with the hard truth.  If you really love them, show them with metal.  Nowelle's Kreations has some very unique looks for the lover of jewelry in your life.
Keep it fun this Valentines Day, because when It's all said and done, you should "love" your lover the same everyday of the year, and not on some made up Holiday.