After weeks of entries, the day is finally here! You told us your saddest, most heartbreaking not-love stories and we've narrowed them down to the top five most deserving of the grand prize.

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We got tons of entries and you left us devastated by your sad tales of woe and despair on Valentine's Day (seriously, how did this holiday go so wrong for so many people?)

But now one of these five people is going to get the chance to have it all made up to them.

Here they are, the top five finalists. Vote below for who you think deserves to win a prize package valued at more than $500.

1. Vegas Heartbreak

My girlfriend planned my birthday in Las Vegas in December 2007, but she cancelled it because her schedule didn't allow her to go any other time but February 2008.  She said her friend was getting married in Vegas and she was going. But she didn't tell me it was on Valentines Day. She left went to Vegas....but I found out it was with her other boyfriend. I found out because he took her phone and replied to one of my text messages.

2. Pizza and Pool

I was with my now ex-husband. He promised me for a month we were going to dinner and dancing on Valentine's Day. I was excited and couldn't wait! I did my hair and makeup and borrowed a dress. When he came home from work he dressed really nice. I was really getting excited at this point. We went to a bar a block away. He sat me on a stool put a quarter in the jukebox ordered a slice of pizza and said, pointing to the jukebox, "There is your dance. Your dinner is ordered." Then he went to shoot pool with his friends.


3. Postal Blues

My husband is in the Army and he had to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I was a little heart broken because he was not going to be with me for Valentine's Day. I worked at the Post Office on post and would see the soldier's sending cards, gifts, and more back to their loved ones. A day before Valentine's Day, a box came from him with my name on it. A smile immediately came on my face. I thought he remembered. I opened the box thinking its a Valentine's Day gift only to find his dirty laundry and a note that read please wash. 


4. Cupcake Catastrophe

On Valentine’s Day I found out we were going to be blessed with a little girl.  I couldn't have been more excited. I called the father who lived in another state to share the news. I felt bad I couldn't be with him so I ordered his favorite cupcakes to be delivered to him. That night I missed his call and it went to voicemail. I check the message. It was him and another girl having a "romantic" nightcap. She not only had my man but my cupcakes too!


5. Hot Date

My wife and I were broke and agreed not get each other anything. But I still wanted to do something nice for her. I got my wife to stay in the bedroom while I prepared dinner for her. I tacked up pink and red sheets in the dining room like a canopy and lit candles all over the table. I went into the kitchen to cook the food. While I was in the kitchen a sheet fell, caught fire, burned up the china cabinet my wife inherited from her grandparents--which they got as a wedding gift 70 years ago--as well as ALL of our wedding memorabilia which was stored in it. 


So which one do you think deserves the prize package? Vote for your favorite Valentine's Day disaster now!!

The winner will be announced on Feb. 13, just in time for Valentine's Day!