It's a video that isn't very fun to watch. Students at Nashville's Antioch High School are shown on social media tearing down the American Flag during a protest held to honor Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

It's hard to say that this video honors much of anything. Rather, it shows how far down the ladder things have gone. We fight about the politics, we fight about guns, we fight about everything. Anyone else tired of this?

This protest/walkout was said to be 17 minutes of silence to honor the students in Florida. How did it turn into this?

One of the posts claimed that students tore down the American Flag and stomped on it. There are also claims the students damaged a police car. MNPS reported no one was injured and that officials acted quickly to put a stop to the students stomping on the flag.

The Metro Nashville Public School's Facebook page paints a much different picture of the protest with photos of students meeting peacefully in a gymnasium on the bleachers, and releasing balloons around a flagpole.

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