When the popular television series 'Nashville' finishes up its successful first season, fans may be able to click off their TVs and see the stars onstage, as it's rumored to be heading out on the road. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, while 'Nashville' may begin touring, it will not feature the show's biggest stars, Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, which will be a major disappointment to fans. Britton explains her absence on the possible tour, saying, "I know a lot of these guys go out every weekend and perform but that's not what I'm interested in right now."

It sounds like Panettiere would only consider the tour if her 'Nashville' co-star was on stage with her, as she cites stage fright as a big reason for nixing the road trip. "I would need to get over my stage fright first. My stage fright is pretty awful. But as you can see on the show, you never know what the heck is going to happen."

Although the tour would be without its two leading ladies, the rest of the singing cast seems onboard and excited about taking 'Nashville' on the road, as Charles Esten adds, "We're not sure exactly what it's going to be or what shape it's going to take right now. "I'm down to do the greatest version possible we can do of that." We think the tour would be worth it just for a reenactment of 'If I Didn't Know Better' between Bowen and Palladio.

Hopefully the tour will come into fruition, giving the musical drama's fans something to look forward to in between seasons. But, even if it doesn't, they have 'The Music of Nashville: Season 1, Volume 1' soundtrack to get their 'Nashville' fix.