Two emus in Australia have worn out their welcome at a local pub.

According to a report from CP24, two emus named Carol and Kevin have been banned from a pub in Yaraka, Australia after exhibiting some not-so-polite behavior towards guests.

The town of Yaraka has a small population of only 18 people, and emus Carol and Kevin are well known. The two emus were rescued from an abandoned nest along with 6 other emus, and have lived in the town of Yaraka their entire lives. Carol and Kevin's siblings migrated in search of other Emu mates, but Carol and Kevin are perfectly content right where they are.

Guests have noticed missing pieces of toast and have been surprised to find their coffee mugs empty when visiting the Yaraka Hotel, which has the only pub in town. Of course, Carol and Kevin are responsible for the missing treats, but many were shocked when the two learned how to climb the steps of the hotel.

Like the saying goes, "If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." Well Carol and Kevin learned to climb those hotel steps so that they would never have to search for scraps again. Unfortunately for them, the publican easily blocked their meal ticket by placing a rope across the door. The emus have yet to figure out how to get around this new barricade, but I have faith that they will.

After all, Carol and Kevin are descendants of the same emus that gave the Australian government a run for their money back in 1932 with the Great Emu WarThe Australians and emus have long since been enemies, but I know they'll one day find a way to co-exist peacefully.

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