Everyone in Texas wants to relax after a long day at work right?

But how does one do so? Well there's plenty of choices. Someone could open up their favorite book and read into the night for example.

Others may decide to turn to a streaming service and finally get to watching a show everyone has been talking about. There's always one after all isn't there? One of those services people turn to is none other than Netflix.

Since the beginnings of the company in 2007, it's grown considerably over its 17 years of existence. But now, Netflix is looking to mix both their shows and shopping in way some might not expect.

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Netflix House Coming To The State Of Texas

Netflix Reports Third Quarter Earnings
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According to release from Tudum, the company is bringing this new venture to city of Dallas. Specifically, the Galleria in located in the city will be the home of Netflix House. The location was chosen based on it's popularity.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Netflix, Marian Lee stated the following about the business:

“At Netflix House, you can enjoy regularly updated immersive experiences, indulge in retail therapy, and get a taste — literally — of your favorite Netflix series and films through unique food and drink offerings...We’ve launched more than 50 experiences in 25 cities, and Netflix House represents the next generation of our distinctive offerings. The venues will bring our beloved stories to life in new, ever-changing, and unexpected ways.”

For further information about Netflix House, click here.

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