It's just another one of those times when you are lucky to be living in Texas! Every year the nation is stuck depending on a groundhog for some indication of when to expect break in the winter weather. Good thing you're in Texas! We don't need to worry about groundhogs cause we've got Bee Cave Bob!

That's right! In Texas, we turn to Bee Cave Bob the Armadillo to tell help us figure out if spring will return early or not. The first Armadillo Day took place in 2012 just outside of Austin. This is the day Texas declared it's independence from Punxsutawney Phil, and the weird man in the top hat who follows him around. Every year an Austin cast of characters keeps an eye on Bee Cave Bob to see if spring is coming soon. Al Manac, Wayne Guage and Hugh Midity all say if Bee Cave Bob comes out and runs back in his cave then that means we will still have six more weeks of winter.

Now, how does Bee Cave Bob measure up to Punxsutawney Phil? Will in Pennsylvania, Phil sees his shadow more than 3/4 of the time. Phil's accuracy is about as good as the average weather forecaster in that he's only correct about 40% of the time. Since we are already in central Texas, we feel pretty confident trusting the prediction to Bee Cave Bob instead.

Thursday's forecast in Bell County calls for a mix of Sun and Clouds and a high temperature of 62. Sounds kinda like spring is getting closer to us!

Richard Heathcote Getty Images Sport
Richard Heathcote
Getty Images Sport

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