There is a hard working boy scout in New Braunfels, Texas who wanted to say thank you to the K-9 Officers who serve the New Braunfels Police Department. 

Tommy Durant wanted to do something special for the K-9 Officers who serve the community of New Braunfels. He got to work carving a memorial that would be the last project he needed to complete to become an Eagle Scout.

Durant's statue was unveiled on Tuesday in New Braunfels, and blew away the expectations of many including Tommy who said, "When we first pictured the memorial, we we'rent thinking of something at this large a scale, but then we started to dig deeper into it and we started to get the passion for it."

Tommy collected donations for his materials and began carving the memorial shown in the KSAT video above about six months ago.

Lots of K-9 Officers all over Texas work hard to keep us safer in Central Texas and none of them gets a paycheck, maybe a dog biscuit or two. Check out the story below about an organization who helps provide new K-9's for Police Departments here in Texas.