There are some that love the eatery known as Red Lobster in Texas.

However, recent developments in the business have not been kind. As previously discussed, the company has been through some rough times as of late. It was also recently revealed that company filed for bankruptcy.

One of the major factors for the company filing for bankruptcy is due to the "Ultimate Endless Shrimp" promotion, causing a major loss of revenue for the chain. To try and regain lost money, the company held auctions for items at selected eateries.

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This, in turn, has some wondered which eateries in the nation are closing. Both patrons and workers of Red Lobster across the nation have found their restaurants closed without warning. Sadly, Texas is no stranger to these sudden closings.

Red Lobsters That Are Closed Permanently In Texas

According to the El Paso Times, there are indeed restaurants affected in the Lone Star State. At time of writing, seven are no longer in business. It is unknown if they will reopen at the time of writing. Here are where the seven restaurants were located.

If more eateries in the state close, we will add them to the list of closings.

Here Are The Red Lobsters Closing In Texas Due To Company Bankruptcy

For lovers of the chain in the Lone Star State, these Red Lobsters are no more.

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