New Year, New Laws. Here are some of the stranger ones across the nation.

Not much changes here in Texas, unless you live in Austin & San Antonio. They passed a new law making it illegal to operate a hand held electronic device while operating a vehicle. In short, unless you've got a blue tooth, put down the damn phone and pay attention. Which, on a personal note, shouldn't be a law. I find it difficult to accept laws that should be common sense.

The minimum wage goes up in Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Plus, troopers in Oklahoma get their first pay raise in seven years. They might want to think about buying a GoPro.

In California, they passed a doosey. Illegal Aliens can now get a drivers license.

They must skip school a lot in Nevada. Starting the first, students who skip school might be denied a drivers license, or have it suspended.

This one is just silly. Massachusetts has finally allowed "hold open" clips on pumps at self-service gasoline stations. Yes, until now self serve pumps had to be held by hand. Even in the winter. No wonder people from Boston are so angry all the time.

The winner of "Laws that hurt humanity" goes to New York. Hard to believe right. Come February it'll be illegal to pose for a photograph with a lion, tiger, or any other big cat.

I don't know why this is a law. This goes back to common sense. If you get mauled trying to take a "cool selfie" with a lion, that's natural selection. New York is going againts God's will. This is the natural way the planet keeps the population under control. If you take away that ability, we're going to have a population issue in the future, which will mean a lottery amongst the old people. Do you really want that? No, so let idiots kill themselves so the Grandma can live. Less is more people.