As Hurricane Hilary is taking up a majority of the severe weather news for much of the United States due to its record breaking rain occurring in Southern California, Texas is now bracing for a fairly sizable tropical storm named Harold to make landfall this afternoon. The good news is Harold has not reached hurricane status, and projects to downgrade quickly to a tropical depression as it will travel west almost directly above the Rio Grand River.

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What can we expect from Tropical Storm Harold inland from the Gulf Coast?

Right now it looks like Harold's moisture content will be able to travel north across Texas and bring some clouds, but the heat relief doesn't project to be significant. Yes, it will be a little cooler because of the weather event happening along the gulf, but the 45+ day streak of reaching 100 or more degrees is likely to continue.

So, still hot, what about rain?

Those numbers aren't exactly encouraging to hear especially as area reservoirs are falling to record and near record lows, and the stage 2 or greater drought restrictions remain pretty much in place for the entire Lone Star State. Other than a small, 10 minute, clear sky, spitting of rain just after the 4th of July, my house has not seen any precipitation in a solid 9 weeks.

Obviously any rain at all will be the first of many needed steps to catching up on yearly precipitation, and each drop is one more that could reach area water sources. Nobody is advocating for a hurricane to make its way into Texas, but just about anything that brings more rain will be welcome.

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