Who actually looks forward to the annual inspection of their car or truck every year? Probably nobody! However, now that a new Texas law has been passed, we thought we would get the word out and maybe help some folks avoid an expensive ticket.

"Proof of passing" is a yearly part of the vehicle registration process. As of January 1st of 2017, there is a brand new requirement to watch out for on the vehicle inspection checklist. Not only will you fail to pass inspection if you run afoul this new law, but moving forward, this violation is also reason to be issued a traffic ticket.

The new area of "auto inspection" is the vehicle's rear center mounted brake light. Cars manufactured before 1985 are exempt, as are trucks made prior to 1994. If your vehicle does not have a rear center mounted brake light, then you're in the clear.

TSM/ W. Adams
TSM/ W. Adams

It's a law that is causing some frustration among motorists in Texas, but the grumbles aren't too loud because the reason for the change is for better safety.

This video below gives a little know how in the area of DIY repair. It's fairly inexpensive and not all that difficult depending on the model of your vehicle.

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