We all dream of reeling in that massive catch, and even if we don't, the "fish stories" we tell say we do.

Braden Sherron is a freediving spearfisherman who may be able to tell the biggest "fish story" of all after a fishing trip in Texas.

(Spear)Fish On

Spearfishing may not be for everyone, but there are those that still enjoy the thrill of the hunt, so to speak. Spearfishing, in one form or another, may be the oldest form of fishing known to man, but for those unfamiliar with spearfishing, think caveman with a sharp pointy stick stabbing a fish in a stream. In this case, more like shooting a sharp pointy stick and hitting a huge fish, kinda.

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According to Britannia, spearfishing became popular in the 1930's and after WWII. Diving clubs were formed and competitions were started - thus the thrill of the catch and the desire to win were born.

New World Record?

Braden Sherron was doing some spearfishing off the Texas coast at Port Aransas when he speared a massive 137-pound cubera snapper. Port Aransas Fisherman's Wharf posted on their Facebook page to share the pics of the massive haul. Although still unconfirmed, this could be a new Texas and World Record catch.

Sherron has turned in his paperwork to see if this is a new record, but until confirmed, the current record was set in 1983 at 131 pounds.


Braden Sherron has his own YouTube channel where he documents his excursions. I have yet to see video of this possible record setting catch on his channel but I'll keep checking!

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