It just feels like Temple, Texas is getting bigger and bigger by the day doesn't it?

Truly, the city has seen much growth as the years have gone on. Just look at the reopened Long John Silver's and the line it created. Suffice to say, Temple is becoming a hotbed for many different businesses.

But there always seems to be room for just one more business. This statement rings true for say Killeen, which it was recently announced a Dave and Busters was set to open in the city soon. So now this makes us wonder a simple question:

What's Next For The City Of Temple Business-Wise?

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One place that could benefit from some new business is the Temple mall. With a lot of space that could be used, including the vacant movie theater area, something could easily move in and provide a much needed boost the shopping center.

Definitely no aquarium though, that wouldn't work right?

Discussing around our office, Hot Topic and Spencer's popped up in conversation, and well as perhaps a Dick's Sporting Goods taking up residence in of the empty spaces where the Macy's was.

One other place of business that was brought up was Barnes and Noble. We could definitely use one of those in Temple right? There's just so much to consider.

We turn the question over to you, what should come to Temple? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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