There was one eatery that many in Temple, Texas waited patiently for its return.

So what food establishment are we talking about? A Texas steakhouse perhaps? Maybe a new Whataburger?

Actually no, neither of those things. Instead, it's a Long John Silver's many in Temple were waiting for its return. Two years ago, in October of 2021, the eatery unfortunately was lost due to an electrical fire. When it was announced that it would return to the city, many couldn't wait for it to come back.

Now that restaurant is finally open, the rush has begun. We wanted to see to how crazy it was set to be. Honestly, we were surprised to say the least.

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One Long Line At Long John Silver's In Temple

Looking at social media, we only thought that lunch rush was causing backup in the drive-thru. However, we were very, very wrong. As it turns out, the wait was still very long when we drove by:

TSM Aaron Savage/Canva
TSM Aaron Savage/Canva

Yes, the line did stretch far back, and further investigation revealed there were two, instead of just one line:

TSM Aaron Savage/Canva
TSM Aaron Savage/Canva

Yes, we weren't joking about how there were some serious fanatics of the eatery in Texas. The wait had to be long, but it looked like those who were ready to chow down were just fine with with waiting.

To see our full reaction, you can see the video here:

Welcome back Long John Silver's! Temple certainly missed you.

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