When Niagara Water announced their plan to open a massive 450,000 square foot facility in Temple, Texas for around $90 million dollars in February of 2019, the community was obviously excited for the growth to the job market and potential economic benefits that comes with having a new pillar in the manufacturing community as a whole. What has occurred since then that probably comes as a bit of a surprise is their continuation of growth within the last 4 and a half years.

After starting the $90 million project in 2019 at the 50 acre site inside the Temple Industrial Park, the company stayed true to their commitment to the community, and chose to expand even after the pandemic hit in 2020 because they had already outgrown their original facility.

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Now, here we are only about 4 and half years since the announcement of joining the Temple and Central Texas community in early 2019 to preparing to break even more ground and expand again with the hopes of adding close to another dozen or so jobs as soon as can be accomplished. Not to mention the capital investment that will be made as this expansion is estimated to be approaching the $50 million dollar range.

How can I get a job if interested in Niagara Water?

The first step would be perform your due diligence by researching the company, and then checking out their job board for Temple. There is a very real possibility coming aboard a company that has only been operating in the area for less than 5 years with this much growth could be a very prudent career choice.

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