Thanks to modern living, we have a range of food options at the tips of our fingers, but abusing this gift is one way to quickly lose it.

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According to a report from KHOU, some customers who use delivery services are seeing longer than expected delivery times. The reason behind the long wait times is actually not surprising.

Drivers from companies like GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and others are able to approve or deny order requests that they receive. One popular reason why a driver may deny an order pick-up is because the order has no tip. While drivers can't see how much an order tips until the order is picked up, an order marked with no tip is a huge no-go for drivers.

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Picking up an order with no tip for the driver basically equates to that driver working for free. If you really think about it, you'd understand that the driver would actually be losing money picking up an order with no tip. The driver would be wasting their gas and time when they could be making money on another trip for a customer who is actually tipping.

To tip or not is an age old argument in the restaurant business, but this new twist is interesting and will certainly anger some customers.

Usually those who don't tip servers suggest that they get another job, but now that power has been stripped from non-tippers.

Personally, I always tip because it makes sense to me after working in the restaurant business. 20% of the bill is the standard for me, even if everything was terrible. If everything was amazing and lovely then its more than 20%.

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