A woman stopped for speeding through a school zone in Palm Beach County, Florida said something absolutely vile to the sheriff's deputy who stopped her, and the footage has gone viral.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office released the above dash cam footage Thursday, but has not published the identities of the deputy or the offender.

In the video, the deputy hands the woman a citation, explaining that it lists her options. Her response: "You know what? No wonder you people get shot! You're absolute a**holes!"

The deputy, maintaining his calm, replies, "Ok, thank you ma'am. I appreaciate that. Drive safe."

The woman leans out of her window to shout something else, but it's unclear what.

click here to see the full 30-minute exchange, you'll hear the woman being belligerent while begging to be let off with a warning.

Most of us have been stopped for speeding or some other traffic violation. Sure it's frustrating, but there's handling it like a mature adult and then there's behaving like a petulant child. If you choose to the latter, you could end up on YouTube for the cringe-worthy entertainment of us all. Don't be that person.