With so many "truck" songs being released to Country Radio these days, I was skeptical about the new Lee Brice song after I heard it was titled "I Drive Your Truck". I just assumed it would be a "Truck Yeah" knockoff, but I was very wrong. Lee usually writes all of his own material, but after he heard it, he said he was honored the song was being offered to him to record.

Here is the video for Lee's emotional new song, "I Drive Your Truck":

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From Taste of Country:

‘I Drive Your Truck’ was so touching to Brice that he cast his brother, Lewis, to be the main actor in the video.

“It became a personal song to me the very first time that I heard it, and I thought about my granddaddy, and what I would like to do with the video,” he said. “Since it was so personal to me, I asked my brother to be the actual actor, the ‘star’ of the video. He did an amazing job on it, and I have a feeling that people are just going to be really moved by it.”

I agree!