The Killeen Daily Herald has taken a look at just how many soldiers from Fort Hood are deployed around the world. According to that report, the number has climbed to 9,300. 

It's amazing how many parts of the world our Fort Hood Soldiers are in - Europe, South Korea, Afghanistan and Southwest Asia to name a few.

The number of deployed troops grew to over 7,000 in February of 2016. The number rose to 9,000 in 2017 because of the 2 armored brigade combat teams that are overseas according to III Corps and Fort Hood spokesman Col. Thomas Veale.

Fort Hood's head officer III Corps Commander Lt. Gen Paul Funk II is also headed overseas with about 345 troops. They will be going to Kuwait to head up the ground forces in the war against the Islamic State.

Nearly 8,400 members of the 1st Cavalry Division are deployed across the globe. They are currently spread out in Afghanistan, and 4,300 members of the Division's 2nd Brigade are in South Korea. 3,800 members of the 3rd Brigade combat team are in Southwest Asia, Iraq, and Kuwait.

The Killeen Daily Herald report explains that 700 soldiers with the 89th Military Police Brigade are spread out with the 1st Cavalry Division in all the areas in which the Brigade is currently stationed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our soldiers serving in all areas overseas. We wish them a safe and speedy return home as soon as possible. We thank each and every one of them for all they do to protect our way of life and preserve our liberties. God Bless the U.S.A, and God Bless Texas!

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