A 102-year-old Arkansas woman who is a resident at the Walnut Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has beat COVID 19.

The woman, identified only as Mae, who came out of quarantine after 21 days of being confined and has been cleared to return to her normal room.

Mae not only has beaten COVID, but according to her family she survived a tornado back in 1929.  She is definitely a fighter, no doubt.

Mae was born in a small town in Arkansas called Laredo.  She's the mother of five children and was an employee at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

Mae has been at the nursing home for eight months and probably never imagined that she would have to go through COVID and be able to survive it at her age.

I'm sure Mae has seen and been through lot of things in her life and she's obviously a fighter.  We wish Mae nothing but the best, and here's to her next birthday!

Back here in the Lone Star State, an El Paso, woman who had a brain tumor also beat COVID 19. Check out that story here.

UPDATE: Today, a Central Texas man battling COVID-19 was released from Baylor Scott and White Continuing Care Hospital in Temple. Congratulations to Domingo Montalbo! He was able to walk out of the hospital and greet his family. Check out the video below courtesy of our partners at News 10.

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