Last night several people throughout Central Texas became very alarmed with the mysterious unidentified flying object making its way east across the clear twilight of the horizon. Amateur video was being recorded and shared from as far away as San Angelo, and all through the Killeen-Temple area.

News sites from all over Texas began receiving numerous reports of the surprise appearance of lights, and began to accumulate videos into a montage to be shared for those who have missed out on the impromptu celestial show. The Lone Star State is not necessarily a hot bed for alien spotting or UFO chasing, but with more sky than any other state in the lower forty eight of the contiguous United States, it would not be a stretch to begin hearing more reports especially in this age of hand held social media.

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So, does anyone know what it was in the night sky?

Well, the Federal Aviation Administration sure has a pretty good idea what caused all the questions last evening. According to a spokesperson with the FAA, what people were most likely witnessing was the scheduled SpaceX launch from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida at 7:50 PM CDT.

According to SpaceX, a Falcon 9 rocket with a cargo of 22 Starlink satellites was sent into orbit to join the more than 700 already circling the Earth. SpaceX has a goal to eventually have as many as 12,000 plus satellites orbiting in an effort to make internet access available to even the most remote parts of the globe.

Coincidentally, internet is readily available to much of Texas, and yet it appears nobody bothered to research why there was a light in the sky last night. For the record, the other big light was most likely the Moon.

Read more at this KXAN article.

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