It felt like the Texas Legislature was especially busy this past session writing, rewriting, codifying, and passing a slew of new laws for Governor Greg Abbott to sign. Now that these new laws have been signed into existence, next comes the enactment dates which can vary from bill to bill.

One bill that is now a law in Texas has an effect on the daily lives of many residents and workers all across the state in multiple fields of employment. It can have the perception that only a small section of industry or niche careers will be effected, but that is not exactly the case.

What does this new law that goes into effect September 1st do?

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Currently, critics of House Bill 2127 are pointing out that its passing will remove mandatory water breaks that have been put in place by various municipal and county ordinances. Even though those local laws are muted with the passing of the new state law, it is by no means targeting water breaks.

What the law actually does is clarifies that the state is indeed in charge of the labor laws for the state of Texas, and also protects workers to take action if a local government tries to enforce a conflicting law or regulation on them. It also specifically draws out the legal action the citizen can take against any predatory, overly complicated, or unnecessary mandate.

The bill passed with overwhelming support from across the state, and that is why the governor signed it into law.

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