UPDATE: CNN reports that a body found during the search for Naya Rivera is that of the missing 33-year-old actress. The body has been sent to the Ventura County Coroner's Office for positive identification using dental records. Investigators say they do not suspect suicide or foul play at this time.


Officials have been working to find an answer to the disappearance of Naya Rivera after she left on a boat with her son and never returned.

According to a report from KSAT, a body has been located in Lake Piru, the same Southern California lake at which Rivera was last seen. Naya and her 4-year-old son rented a boat, but after Rivera failed to returned the boat, the vendor went out and discovered Rivera's 4-year-old son alone and asleep.

Officials believe that Naya may have drowned, as they found her car in the parking lot and personal belongings still onboard the boat. 5 days after Naya Rivera's disappearance on July 8, authorities have discovered a body, but have yet to confirm if it is that of Rivera's.

A series of unfortunate events have followed several other former stars of Glee, like Cory Monteith and Mark Salling. Monteith the fiance of co-star Lea Michelle, died in 2013 after a fatal mixture of drugs and alcohol. Salling took his own life in 2018 after pleading guilty to child pornography charges. Salling and Rivera also briefly dated.

Our sincerest condolences are with the Rivera family.

CBS News reports that there is a petition circulating that demands warning signs be placed around the lake. The creators of the petition say Rivera "is not the first, nor the last to go missing at Lake Piru," and write that the lake's depth and the presence of whirlpools have long posed hazards to swimmers.

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