It was on this day in 1939 that World War II officially began. Hitler was hungry for Polish.

Blitzkrieg anyone?

It was the event that would help identify what we call the Greatest Generation. But, as time passes we're losing those men and women.

My Grandmother's second husband was a WWII Veteran. I've always regretted not asking him about his time in military. And now it seems I'm just a few miles from the worlds oldest WWII Veteran.  He turned 110 this past May, and he's down in Austin.

His name is Richard Overton. He was born in Bastrop County in 1906 and served in the 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion as a Corporal in Hawaii, Guam, and Iwo Jima.

At last report he's still feeling pretty spry and gives out his tips for a long life. I'm sure doctors would disagree, but Richard chain-smokes cigars, takes whiskey in his coffee. (suck on that Seattle), and likes fried catfish and butter pecan ice cream.

He met President Obama back in 2013, and he has a documentary call "Mr. Overton" which is making the film festival rounds.