If you've ever been to Obok over the years you've had a good time!

In fact, you've probably had a great time!

Obok located at 2805 S. Fort Hood Street in Killeen has great wings, and some of the best music and DJs in Killeen.

But tragically, early Thursday morning a man was killed and another was injured outside the popular Killeen Nightclub.


Second Death At Obok In Five Years

Back in August of 2018, a Killeen man, Deandre Patrick Thomas, who worked the door was shot and killed outside of the club after an argument that led to a fight with Reginald Ferlandus Jackson. Jackson was later sentenced to 30 years in prison back in 2020.


What Happened This Time?

According to Taylor Cooper of The Killeen Daily Herald, a man was lying in the parking lot after being shot at Obok Club and Restaurant early Thursday morning at around 1:40 am. At the time of publishing this article, no other information is known about the shooting.

The victim, Roderick Pollard was transported to Carl Darnall Medical Center where he was pronounced dead by Justice Of The Peace Bill Cooke.

This death was Killeen's first homicide of 2022.


Do You Have Any Information?

If you were at Obok that night and would to leave anonymous tips you can leave them on an app called P3Tips that you can download for the iPhone and Android. You are also encouraged to call Crime stoppers at 254-526-TIPS.


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Tamika, one of our account executives here at the station, saw the same types of food reviews on the news and suggested it would be a good idea that I do the same thing with businesses and restaurants here in Killeen.
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