In the internet age of instant YouTube stardom, aspiring performers are always looking for a new angle to get that breakout viral clip that could help launch them. It looks like guitarists Chad Neidt and Brian O'Sullivan have found one; their newly-uploaded clip -- in which they perform a jaw-dropping double-digit medley of Taylor Swift songs -- has garnered more than 25,000 views since it was uploaded at the beginning of May.

The one-minute mashup concept is the brainchild of Neidt, an L.A.-based musician and comedian who has given a similar YouTube treatment to works by the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Nickelback and others. He invited O'Sullivan to take part in the Swift medley, in which the pair cleverly re-arrange 17 fan-favorites into a single minute, including 'Our Song,' 'Teardrops on My Guitar,' Fifteen,' 'Mean' and 'Back to December,' culminating hilariously with 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.'

According to Neidt's Facebook page, he will release his full-length debut album in September of 2013. As for O'Sullivan, this is not his only shot at Swift -- he also has a parody titled 'I Will Never, Ever Like Taylor Swift Ever' available on iTunes.