Parenting is a b&^%h.  Most of us knew it going in, yet we made the conscious decision to bring a child into this world.  That's not the case for many, who see being a responsible parent as being an option they'd rather not take.

When did it become the kids that were the responsible individuals in a parent/child relationship? Photo courtesy iStock Photo

I'll never be the person that will try to convince you that I know what people have gone through in their lives, or what they're facing in their lives today.  I'm not judging anyone for what kind of people they've become, that's their decision.  Whatever kind of basket case you may be, however, shouldn't be allowed to overflow into your kids' lives.  There are parents out there that aren't doing a great job of parenting, yet feel they're doing their best based on what they saw from their own surroundings growing up.  Those aren't the parents I'm talking about.  Those are just people with bad parenting skills.

The people that infuriate me are the people that just do stupid stuff without regard for their kids.  Parents that put their own selfish desires over the well-being of their child.  Today alone I've read stories about parents getting into a brawl at a Chuck E. Cheese location, a mom that used her baby as a human shield before throwing the baby at police and fleeing, a man that left a 4 year old girl in the car while he went into a strip club, and the woman that allowed her 3 year old & 5 year old to freely roam a parking lot packed with thousands of concert-goers so she could attend the Lil Wayne concert going on inside.

I'm not saying I'm Ward Cleaver, and my children will never wow anyone with their manners, but what is going through someone's mind when the decision is made to abandon your child for a strip club, or leaving two kids under the age of five in a parking lot full of drunken Lil Wayne fans?  Seriously, someone let me know... I want to go see The Gourds in Temple in August, and I'd like your suggestions as to how to avoid paying for a babysitter.

Just kidding.  Get a clue and stop reproducing if being a parent is too much for you.  After all, both those kids were probably conceived in that same parking lot at previous concerts.