Nothing ruins a special occasion like a fake cake. Or a cake made of styrofoam.

A family in Pasadena, Texas got exactly that over the weekend when they got together to celebrate a graduation.

Marsy Flores told KPRC that she wanted to make her daughter's graduation party a special occasion and ordered a special graduation cake with her daughter's favorite colors on it. Flores told KPRC, "This is my baby, and she was graduating, so it was very important to me."

Her first trip to the store to pick up the cake was a disappointment when Flores showed up and the staff had apparently misplaced her order for a two-tier cake. Nothing was ready. The staff at the bakery offered her a smaller cake but added a picture and lots of frosting decorations to spice up the occasion.

CBS17 via youtube - Styrofoam Graduation Cake

Flores got the cake home and when it was time to cut into it the family was shocked to see it was not a cake at all, it was styrofoam covered in frosting! How awful! The family then made the video you see at the top of the article.

Flores and her family were offered a $60 dollar gift card from Walmart when they reported the styrofoam cake. Flores said they won't be able to get the moment back as her daughter only graduates once. The store had 2 chances to get it right and the customer was disappointed both times.

Walmart public affairs called it a misunderstanding and said the customer was given a gift card for her inconvenience. Sounds like they really cared.

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